Gee Zuss…


what a day yesterday.

outside on a shoot all day; directed traffic because apparently when people see orange cones they suddenly lose the ability to make decisions; dealing with permit issues because of petty nosy rich spoiled neighbors who have nothing better to do than call the city and complain because once very small part of their overindulged little worlds have been ever-so-slightly inconvenienced for a day; threatening to be shut down by the city because of said complaints, despite having permits while client and client’s client look on; finishing the shoot anyway, realizing the emptiness of the threats to send police; thoroughly impressed with lisa handing the situation; increased confidence after finding client totally had our back and would have their legal department at the ready to fight the city; enjoyed watching joey play tag with kids; legs and knees about to break from standing on concrete and asphalt all day; sunburn; finished the day with a very large beer and very spicy mexican food with friends.

what. a. day.

One Response to “Gee Zuss…”

  1. 1 Jenn

    God, you’re a wuss. 🙂

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