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finished reading dune a few weeks ago. i’ve waited to post anything because i wanted to watch the david lynch movie, as well as the sci-fi miniseries from a few years ago, just to compare. so here are my thoughts. the book: not a fan. sorry. i know thats heresy to some of you, as […]


more new stuff at photoelectric. fun stuff. thanks to perception for the opportunity.

after many long hours of labor in 90+ degree heat, we have finally finished the paths in our back yard. this is probably the toughest home improvement project we’ve done ourselves, at least in terms of pure effort. the funny thing is, we originally weren’t going to do stone at all, just pavers or something. […]

BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! i think the best part is spielberg’s comment about bay’s storytelling abilities. in other news, there’s a transformers hall of fame. via topless robot.



just posted some more new work over at photoelectric. cool project to work on, and it was directly for the network itself, rather than through another design shop or production company. unfortunately, we had a completed graphics package, done and delivered, when they decided to change concepts. with no extra budget. ah, well. what are […]

so here’s one more.

just posted some designs we did for the audience network rebrand for directv. our work didn’t get chosen, but getting to work on a network redesign can be a lot of fun. check ’em out.

myrtle beach in the mountains. at least the dogs didn’t od this year.

than paying good money for a something that is a complete piece of monkey shit.