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Its Official…


i own my truck. got the title in the mail today. feels really good. it was really hard, but totally worth it. as a result, i am now selling my accord to my neighbor to give to one of his kids. i thought i might have a tough time doing it, since it was my […]

far out. now if i could just come up with the 2.3 million they’re asking. via uncrate.

*sigh* you know, i really want to like this show.  i do. *sigh* its just really not very good at all. i can get around the sorta half ass 3d animation, and almost non-existent backgrounds. the movie-inspired caracter designs don’t bother me. even the writing isn’t completely awful. yeah, the stories are pretty lame, but […]


i read this story awhile back about south carolina-based company milliken rebranding themselves. you can read through all that on your own time. i’m not gonna discuss my thoughts on the new look or anything boring and pointless like that. i’m posting about it because of the fact that a sc based company, headquartered in […]

i’m one of those creatives who genuinely believes its all been done. there’s nothing truly new, and everything that looks new is merely inspired by or a new interpretation of something else. but there’s a big damn difference between being inspired by or paying homage to something and blatantly ripping it off. case in point: […]

hard to believe this time last year i was about to go to bed for the first time in milan. can’t believe its gone by so fast. crazy. hell of an experience…

god i wish firefly would make a comeback. Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog EDIT: sorry the embed isn’t working. its not porn or anything. its the trailer for the batman: year one animated movie. the link goes directly to the movie.