More Design-Related Stuff That Pisses Me Off…


i read this story awhile back about south carolina-based company milliken rebranding themselves. you can read through all that on your own time. i’m not gonna discuss my thoughts on the new look or anything boring and pointless like that. i’m posting about it because of the fact that a sc based company, headquartered in spartanburg, no more than 20 minutes up the road from greenville, where there are located many, many talented branding agencies (i can name half a dozen without even thinking), felt the need to go to an agency in san francisco to handle their rebrand.

san francisco.

what. the. hell.

this shit pisses me off, if you hadn’t gathered that already. san francisco? why san francisco? hell, why california? why not at least stay in the south east? i realize that the sf agency probably just won the pitch, so congrats to them. but why were they even a part of the pitch in the first place? it is hugely disappointing to me that a company of milliken’s size would choose to go that far for their rebranding. i know tha milliken is a massive, global corporation, but many of those local agencies are suffering, and have been forced to go through massive lay-offs in recent months due to the economic situation. just seems irresponsible, especially when the new logo is a take on the founder’s signature that ‘expresses that personal touch that is so important to the company’, and one of their core values is to ‘enhance people’s lives’.

how about taking that personal touch of yours and enhance some local lives assholes?

One Response to “More Design-Related Stuff That Pisses Me Off…”

  1. 1 Jenn

    Just checked out their site … the new logo is pretty lame. And I totally agree with you on staying local.

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