The End Of An Era…


one of the more significant chapters in my life has finally come to a close.

i just sold my first car.

well, it wasn’t really my first car. my first car was actually my grandparents old chrysler i got when they died. but technically my dad held the title to it, so really it wasn’t exactly my car.

no, i mean my 1996 honda accord, the first car that i bought and paid for on my own, the first car with my name on the title and registration. bought it ten years ago on independence blvd in charlotte. since that time, i rear-ended a pregnant woman on harris blvd in it; it was stolen and subsequently had the shit beat out of it with a baseball bat, along with having everything out of it stolen, leaving behind only a garden hose, empty gas can, and a tennis shoe; a 1-inch spade drill bit lying in the road punctured the side wall and blew the rear tire; and it was shot 4 times while parked in front of our house.

i towed it across the country on a dolly behind a 26-foot u haul, and drove it back almost 2 years later, loaded to the gills with people and stuff.

its been driven through north carolina, tennessee, kentucky, virginia, west virginia, indiana, illinois, missouri, kansas, colorado, wyoming, utah, nevada, california, georgia, florida, and finally south carolina.

the funny thing is, i thought i’d miss it. but i’d been letting some friends borrow it for a little while, and i never even thought about it. not once. and it was time. i’d managed to pay off my truck, so it really was just sitting there, rotting away. plus, it’ll be nice to save a little bit on insurance and property tax.

besides, i sold it to my neighbor, so i can alway look out the window or go across the street and sit in it if i want to remember the good times.

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