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prepping to leave for dewey beach again in the next few days, that great cultural center in southern delaware. *sigh* its actually a pretty nice place this time of year. the beach is really nice, and its off-season so there are no real crowds. *sigh* its just a long way to drive to sell dog […]


we are in business, and have the cards to prove it. came in yesterday. they have a yellowed look to them which, while unintentional, is pretty awesome and makes them look like they have been sitting forgotten in a drawer for 50 years. works nice with our logo, too, which has an old industrial aesthetic.

spent most of the day today putting up new shutters on the house. tough work. drilling into masonry is no joke. went through two bits doing three windows, and i still have at least two more windows to go. i also think i have a case of shingles on my neck. which sucks.

New Work…


its been awhile since i’ve posted anything about work, so i thought i’d share these. they’re spots for the greenville children’s hospital. i had a TON of fun doing these, and the client was great to work with. they pretty much just defaulted to our creative judgement, and really trusted our decisions. it was really […]

had my panties in a wad the past couple days. no idea why either, which only makes it worse. work is great, low stress at the moment. happy with what i’m working on, and hopefully got some cool shit coming up, too. home is good, finally getting some work done we’ve been needing to get […]

i feel compelled to post something today, due to it being the tenth anniversary and everything. but i honestly don’t know what to say. at some point it begins to lose its impact. every year, most of us sit around and ask each other, ‘where were you’. or maybe we’re listening to the reciting of […]

Day Off…


sorta taking the day off today. katie has an event this weekend, and my folks are coming down tomorrow, so i have a bunch of stuff that needs doing. plus, i really need the mental break, even though its just for the day.