New Work…


its been awhile since i’ve posted anything about work, so i thought i’d share these. they’re spots for the greenville children’s hospital. i had a TON of fun doing these, and the client was great to work with. they pretty much just defaulted to our creative judgement, and really trusted our decisions. it was really refreshing to do something so different stylistically too. we end up doing a lot of big shiny 3d stuff, and these were about as far from that as it gets.

all the elements were drawn in illustrator, the paper texture was added in photoshop, and color added in after effects. the animation was done at a low frame rate to give them that stop motion look. i would have loved to have done these practically, but there wasn’t time or budget. still, i had a blast doing them, and the client couldn’t be happier.

2 Responses to “New Work…”

  1. Awesome work! I loved it.

  2. Nice!

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