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in case any of you needed any ideas of what to get me for christmas, look no further. heck, i’d even be willing to combine christmas with my birthday for this one.

never thought i’d be posting about hemorrhoids, at least not for a few years anyway. regardless, there’s no denying the utter brillance and simplicity of this. that, and its funny as hell.

the walking dead kicks ass. also, the walking dead plus nyquil equals bat-shit-insane zombie dreams.

Pro Tip No.1:


a shop vac can be used as a leaf blower in a pinch. just not inside.

just got this installed friday. we wouldn’t have done it yet except that we broke the glass in the old one by mistake while moving out an old sofa, and it would have needed to be replaced eventually. painted the trim and installed the new doorbell yesterday so the guy can come back and install […]

Rice Bowls…


wrapped this up right before leaving for delaware. really enjoyed working on it. the client had already established a great brand for themselves, so we didn’t do any boards for it, just animated on the fly. fun to do sometimes, and this one really just fell together great that way. great cause too. go to […]

yeah, i know i’m almost a week late here, but i’ve been in delaware, so fuck off. anyway, regardless of of your feelings towards jobs or apple in general, theres no denying the impact he and his company have had on technology and how we interact with it and each other through it. i’m not […]

weather has been beautiful. couple more days before we head home…

What The…


what the fuck happened to september?!?