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two weeks in a row! woohoo! without further fanfare, i present: Pole Position! for some inexplicable reason, i find myself wanting to fully recreate this intro with live talent and super high-end 3d. i think my favorite part is the very beginning that sets up the premise for the entire show: “From now on, like […]


where someone is walking down the sidewalk or standing on a street corner in the rain? then suddenly a car flies by, driving through a giant puddle, soaking the person on the side of the road? pretty funny isn’t it? let me assure you, it isn’t one fucking bit funny.

so not only is it thanksgiving, today also marks the one year anniversary of my employment freedom. that’s right. one year ago today i was let go from my full time and started on my new venture with joey and lisa. well, joey anyway. lisa didn’t show up till later (sorta like usual, hehehe). we […]

now go stuff yourselves.

like the title suggests, i’m gonna try and post one of these every week. i realize that because its me, i should be starting with the transformers. but for some reason i woke up with this one stuck in my head, and its what gave me the idea. so i give you: DINOSAUCERS! hopefully i […]

make for a relaxing, if completely unhealthy, friday evening.

title says it all. well worth checking out the HD version here.

Tell Me…


that this doesn’t make you laugh and fuck with your head at the same time.

just read this article on apple insider. quite upsetting to me, though i can’t say i’m surprised. funny thing is that my buddy stephen called this a couple years ago. i started out as a hardcore pc user, resisting the design world’s propensity towards the mac for years. even though studios i worked for had […]