Well, This Is Potentially Shitty News…


just read this article on apple insider.

quite upsetting to me, though i can’t say i’m surprised. funny thing is that my buddy stephen called this a couple years ago.

i started out as a hardcore pc user, resisting the design world’s propensity towards the mac for years. even though studios i worked for had macs, i maintained a pc at home. but when the time came for that machine to be put out to pasture, i had already converted, willingly and happily. after spending endless hours of frustration trying to get an expansion card to be recognized, or troubleshooting why a seemingly innocuous software update would suddenly cause after effects to repeatedly crash, i had come to fully embrace the ease and accessibility of the mac.

i’m not a techie. i like gadgets as much as the next american male, but i don’t get into the ins and outs and endless statistics that make one smart phone superior to another. i just want it to work. painlessly, effortlessly. i consider myself to be a very patient person, but when it comes to technology, i don’t want to think about it. if it doesn’t work the way its supposed to, the profanity startes flying very quickly, along with whatever objects are within reach.

i realize that in some ways this makes me a sheep, but that doesn’t bother me in this case. i’m content in my mac-ness. now, i refuse to put the sticker on my car and proclaim my devotion to the world (or at least to greenville), but i LOVE my macs. their utter transparency lets me do my job without forcing me to think about why or how. the thought of having to go back to a windows platform makes my head hurt and more than a little nauseous. i realize the software i use on a regular basis would look and act the same (in fact most software companies will allow you to transfer your license across platforms), and that there would be a fairly significant savings for the same, or even greater level of performance.

but i love my macs, and i’m not the only one. the dedication of the creative industry kept the company alive for many years, and it would be a shame to see apple outright abandon those people, especially those who built their entire workflow and infrastructure around apple’s professional-grade hardware and software. the sad thing is, its already started. first it was the xserve, followed closely by the xraid, and finally the complete castration of final cut as a professional editing platform into the fancy version of imovie that is final cut pro x.

i could bitch and moan about this until i’m blue in the face, but the fact remains that a pc may very well be in my future, like it or not.

and this make me sad.

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