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yeah, its a day late, but there was a little thing called christmas this week so fuck off. this weeks entry comes to you from the late 80s, and its not one i regularly watched. its sorta he-man in space, which they actually did do, interestingly enough. anyhow, here’s bravestarr, from the planet new texas. […]


that is all. EDIT: so that is not all. i just got one of the most awesome birthday presents i’ve ever received: my very own jayne hat, handmade by my wonderful wife, complete with blue sun packaging and placed outside our front door adressed to me. my god i am such a dork, and i […]

and all that good stuff. i may have more to say later, but that’s it for now.

since i posted a rip-off off last week, i’ve decided to post a rip-off of said rip-off, silverhawks: i guess this begs the question, is a rip-off really a rip-off if you’re ripping off yourself? boggles the mind.

and boy do i need it. we’ve been working like mad all year long and have taken almost no vacation. don’t get me wrong, its a good thing, a great thing, because it means we’ve been busy. for a brand new company, you can’t ask for anything else. we’ve paid bills, made payroll, and have […]

for this weeks installment, we’ve got a few extras. we’re featuring the thundercats, which was essentially a he-man rip-off. i never watched he-man nor had any of the toys. i did, however, have some thundercats stuff, including the thundertank which was just badass: anyway, heres the intro: thundercats intro edit: sorry for the link, the […]

At Long Last…


if any of you wondered how i spent my weekend, here you go: yessir. that there is a spanking new door to our crawl space. the old one looked like something from a horror movie. so, uh, there you go. oh, i also watched the new conan movie, which was a complete turd. give me […]

i have a few questions here. granted, its generally not a good idea to question the premise of any ’80s cartoon, but i feel compelled to ask anyway: 1. what were those scientists planning on zapping before that kid drove his car off the road? 2. where exactly are those two people and the dog […]

its essentially a portable super nintendo, that you can also hook into your tv and attach your SNES controllers to. sweet zombie jebus. not discounting the joy that is wii bowling, nor the awesomeness that was mario cart 64 and golden eye, but the super nintendo was, in my opinion, the best system nintendo ever […]

spent a good bit of the day getting the house decorated for christmas. we try not to do it before the first of december, and absolutely refuse to do it before thanksgiving, just on principal. everything’s done, save the stuff outside, which isn’t much. just some wreaths on the windows and front door. no lights […]