Christmas 2011…


Williams' family tree, 2011

spent a good bit of the day getting the house decorated for christmas. we try not to do it before the first of december, and absolutely refuse to do it before thanksgiving, just on principal. everything’s done, save the stuff outside, which isn’t much. just some wreaths on the windows and front door. no lights or anything.

katie wasn’t really much in the mood, and though i tried to put on a good face, i have to agree, i’m not much in the spirit either. i love christmas, and i love this time of year in general. nothing like a cold grey winter day. but i just wasn’t feeling it today. i guess its just hard to believe its the holidays again. where did the year go? i worry i’m starting to get to be like my dad, who, like many others, gets a bit depressed around this time. its easy to see why though. time and life are just flying by. i also have the distinction of having been born this month, a scant two days after jebus. so i’m doubly reminded that yet another year of my life has passed. feels like things are spinning out of control at times.

sorry to end on a downer folks. gonna go pour a whiskey now…

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