Your Weekly 80’s Cartoon Intro…


for this weeks installment, we’ve got a few extras. we’re featuring the thundercats, which was essentially a he-man rip-off. i never watched he-man nor had any of the toys. i did, however, have some thundercats stuff, including the thundertank which was just badass:


anyway, heres the intro:

thundercats intro

edit: sorry for the link, the embed has been disabled. bastards.

by contrast, heres the intro to the new cartoon, which i’ve not watched, but have heard very good things about:

and finally, as a bonus, here are the infamous outtakes from the original voice sessions, just in case you haven’t heard them, although most of you probably have.

2 Responses to “Your Weekly 80’s Cartoon Intro…”

  1. Finally …

  2. Damn, you’re right … it is a he-man rip-off

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