Crimmus Break 2011 Has Officially Begun…


and boy do i need it. we’ve been working like mad all year long and have taken almost no vacation. don’t get me wrong, its a good thing, a great thing, because it means we’ve been busy. for a brand new company, you can’t ask for anything else. we’ve paid bills, made payroll, and have been able to buy the hardware and software we need. in fact, we just ordered our server today, which is incredibly exciting.

but now its time to recharge. i am greatly looking forward to this break. its something that most of my former employers did (couldn’t convince them all, but what can you do) and i look forward to it, so long as we can continue to afford to.

our first company christmas party is tomorrow night. very much looking forward to that. keeping it simple, dont need some big fancy dinner with ice sculptures and presents. good food and good drink with good friends. crazy that we’re having it tho. bit surreal to be perfectly honest. i’m very lucky to be in the place that i’m in, and its a reminder of everything we’ve accomplished during our first year.

hopefully its just the first of many.

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