I Have Discovered My New Least Favorite Thing…


sock ties. you know, these fucking things:

Fucking bastards

fucking hate them. yes, hate is a strong fucking word, but i think it best describes my feelings in this case. for fuck’s sake, how many do you really need to hold a fucking pair of fucking socks together? what, is it just in case the fucking cargo ship sinks, and they manage to recover the fucking container 6 fucking months later, so they’ll know they’ll still have a full fucking load of matching fucking pairs? and god forbid you have to replace an entire fucking sock drawer like i just did. took me half a fucking hour to cut them all loose.

half a fucking hour. for fucking socks.

One Response to “I Have Discovered My New Least Favorite Thing…”

  1. 1 Trav

    Well, fudge.

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