Your Weekly 80s Cartoon Intro…


this week’s installment come to you from beautiful lake lure, nc. katie and i are renting a cabin with some friends and its been great. very relaxing.

anyway, this week i’m featuring yet another show that i barely if ever watched, but thought the toys were awesome. holograms were inexplicably popular gimmicks in the toy world in the 80s, usually as small stickers that had little to do with the theme or playability of the toys. if a transformers rub-sign came off, no biggy. you already knew if it was a decepticon or autobot. if a battle beast lost its elemental hologram, who cared. no one paid any attention to those anyway. the visionaries was the only series to make it all about the hologram. if the sticker came off, you had nothing. just a weird looking gi joe figure with no accessories except for a giant empty picture frame on a stick.


3 Responses to “Your Weekly 80s Cartoon Intro…”

  1. 1 runswithcarrots

    Dude! My family has a house on Lake Lure! Next time you’re heading there drop me a line. It might be available, because we don’t rent it out.

    • awesome! i remember danny saying your dad had bought a house up there. we love the place. so relaxing. where on the lake is it?

      • 3 runswithcarrots

        Our place is on Yacht Island (it used to be called Pig Island and then Snake Island for some kind of funny reasons). It’s very close to the Lodge at Lake Lure, up the street from Larkin’s.

        I’m so glad Danny had the chance to see you this weekend, by the way. I know it did him good.

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