Should I Be Pissed Off?


just down the street from our house, theres a fairly small, but very nice city park. baseball field where we can take the dogs to go run. 9-hole frisbee golf course that i don’t take enough advantage of. nice little place.

over the past several weeks, the city has been rebuilding the public restrooms there (and a few other parks as it turns out). the old ones were pretty shitty, and more than a bit sketchy, so this is a good thing. right?

here are a few pictures:




yes, those are real working wooden shutters, real shutter dogs, copper roof on the little steeple with a real working copper weather vane, and real friggin copper gutters and downspouts.

copper friggin gutters. copper friggin weather vane.

on a public restroom.

at a tiny neighborhood park.




this is where my tax dollars are being spent? copper gutters on a public restroom? whats wrong with aluminum ones? they’re good enough for my house, and i’m only a block away. and given what copper is selling for these days, not to mention the countless cases nationwide of copper theft, how long do they really think those are gonna last? i’m not saying they shoulda just dropped off a couple portajons and called it a day. i like the fact that our city invests time and effort into beautification projects, even at tiny neighborhood parks outside of downtown.

but copper gutters?

should i be pissed?

i think i’m pretty pissed.


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