Wow, really?


three months without a single post.  not sure but that might be a record.

lets see, some highlights:

things at photoelectric are going quite well.  we won the carolina panthers contract, so that’ll be keeping us busy for several months.  we’re moving into a new studio space around the first of september, assuming things stay on schedule, which they haven’t thus far (we were supposed to have been moved in by the first of june). and, we’ve just hired our first employee who will be starting the first week of august.  

on the home front, katie is trying to determine her next steps with tree parlor in terms of growth.  i really think shes on the verge of something big if she can figure out the best way to get there. her uncle died in the 4th of july from liver cancer.  we went up for the wake last friday. on another sad note, joey’s father-in-law passed away a few weeks ago, also after a hard-fought battle with liver cancer.  he was a good man, the little i knew him.  finally, our good friends (and veterinarian) are moving to northern virginia this week, so thats got us bummed as well.


what can i say, things have been crazy.  i’ve honestly found myself using facebook more and more, much to my dismay.  its just easier for sharing the type of things that i normally do.  i don’t have the cranial capacity for long, insightful observations or social commentary, and i got bored with the whole ’80s cartoon thing. which leaves me to ponder, what do i really do with this thing?  vicki shut down her blog recently. not sure i’m ready to that just yet.

guess i’ll have to wait and see. i know you’re all on the edge of your seats.


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