And While We’re Talking Crazy…


we’re also on a diet. its a 30 day cleansing thing. no dairy, wheat, grains, beans, sugars of any kind (except what occurs naturally in fruit), no alcohol (!). basically nothing but meat, except for bacon (!!), eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

we’re on day 6.

24 more to go.

its not been too bad, save for the massive hangover-like experience i had thursday night. detoxing i guess. whatever it was it was awful. worse than a real hangover. whats really disturbing about the whole experience is the realization that sugar is in EVERYTHING. like bread. really? bread? or bouillon cubes. its truly amazing, and very difficult to find foods without some form of sugar added.

anyway, i intend to see this through. hopefully i’ll lose some weight in the process. i do think, however, that i’ve discovered the most difficult part of dieting: manual labor. i cut the grass last night, which is no small task in our yard, and i don’t think i’ve ever wanted beer and pizza more in my life.


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