I’m Confused…


so i was at petco yesterday buying a bed for coen to take to the studio. poor guy’s been using a yoga mat, although he doesn’t seem to mind. hell, he lays on the hardwood floors at the house most of the time. anyway, i find a bed i like. its a bit more than i think its worth, but i haven’t found a better option without spending a fortune, which i don’t wanna do since it won’t even get used every day. i get home and look it up online to show katie, and find that it costs $30 less. on petco’s own website. with free shipping.

this make no sense.

so i go back to the store this morning with a print out from the site showing the price difference and they refund me the $30 no problem. the manager tells me that this happens quite a bit. many items will show up for less on the petco website than they do in the store.

this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

i’m not the least bit surprised i found the bed for less online. but i didn’t find it on amazon, or some huge online discount pet warehouse that can afford lower prices since they don’t have the overhead of a chain of brick and mortar stores. it was on petco’s own site. not a sale, not a special promotion, not a web exclusive.

can someone explain this to me? petco is undercutting its own stores? am i missing something? what’s the logic here?

when i get back from taking a dump, i expect answers people.


One Response to “I’m Confused…”

  1. 1 Trav

    1) Logic has abandoned us. It no longer applies to the world. 2) It’s probably simply because they bet on the fact that average joe shopper comes in, buys the item, and either never compares price or, if they do, they’re too lazy to go back to the store like you did, so they either turn a profit or they don’t, they made the sale regardless.

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