OK, Really, What The F*@k…


remember the post right below this one about the dog bed and how petco had priced the bed $30 cheaper on their own website than in their store? remember how strange and idiotic that seems? like how it seems they’re undercutting their own brick and mortar store? right? remember?

it just happened again.

this time, at northern tool and equipment. different product, same exact scenario, except this time i checked the price of the item in the parking lot on my phone. $20 cheaper online than in the store. i walked right back in and showed the cashier and she gave me a refund no problem.

what the fuck is going here, and why does it make me so upset? should i be bothered or just quit bitching? some one please tell me.

on a separate note, i don’t thing i’ve ever encountered anything in my life that makes me feel as stupid as ratchet straps.


One Response to “OK, Really, What The F*@k…”

  1. 1 Trav

    You’re upset because you’re trying to apply logic to a world that has none. Quit that, drink a beer.

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