Rip-Off Artists: Round 02


as a professional creative, i often find myself looking to fellow motion designers for ideas and inspiration. you never know what might spark something: a color palette, a particular font or animation technique. could be anything. however, i’m always careful to maintain a substantial distance from whatever it is i’m drawing from. it’s called having integrity.

sadly there are “creatives” who do not share these values. see for yourself:


the top image is from andrew serkin, a russia-based motion designer, and its obviously the original. its a beautiful design, and an amazing animation piece. the bottom image, is a screen grab from the motion reel of a post company who shall remain nameless. not only did they rip-off the color palette, textures, fonts and composition, they even went so far as to use the EXACT SAME numbers on the inner walls of the large number. pretty crazy. its one thing to copy something to figure out how it was done, or for practice or experimentation for yourself. but by putting it on your reel, you’re implying it’s an orignal piece.

if i didn’t know who was responsible for the theft, i’d probably be more pissed than i am. as it stands, i actually find it kinda funny and more than a little pathetic.


One Response to “Rip-Off Artists: Round 02”

  1. 22nd of January, I check in time to time, and I feel it’s time to write another post. I always like to see what you have to say.

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