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not for me, but for my good friend danny. he’s just launched a new website featuring his illustration work as well as his latest comic book submission, the radio god. great stuff. hes talented, this guy. it was cool to see this stuff again, too. go check it out. Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog EDIT: sorry the embed isn’t working. its not porn or anything. its the trailer for the batman: year one animated movie. the link goes directly to the movie.


check this out. trying to get my local store to donate some stuff. you mooks should do the same. if actually owned any all ages stuff i’d send some of my own. quick update: borderlands will be donating books to this cause. i really encourage all you fellow dorks to get your local shop involved.

i know that at least some of you that read this utter waste of internet space read comics. most of you that do know that i do as well, and that i typically – ok, never – get into the traditional superhero stuff. just not my thing. yeah, i read the occasional batman trade or […]

What The…


would somebody please tell me how the fuck this guy is still working? via robot 6.



this sucks. i haven’t read wizard in a really long time, but i’ve been a toyfare subscriber for the last five years, and an avid reader for over 10, almost since the beginning. hell, i remember when toyfare was just a monthly feature in wizard. i guess i shouldn’t be surprised. the magazine hadn’t been […]

we nerds fear change. you see, we live in very fragile little worlds where the nuances of minutia are discussed and debated with unrivaled and inconceivable passion and fervor that could be easily qualified as religious. who shot first; kirk or picard; focus vs fury; g1 vs beast wars. our knowledge of and devotion to […]

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this is inexplicably awesome. i cannot wait to hear paul giamatti scream ‘KNIFE TO THE EYE!!‘

crap in a hat. the world lost one of the greatest fantasy illustrators of all time today: frank frazetta died this morning (via cbr). crap in a freaking hat. sorry. little short on words today. two posts in a row about somebody dying will do that to you. i’ll try to make the next one […]



this is potentially good news. lets hope nolan can do for superman what he did for batman, what singer failed to do for superman but did for x-men, and what ratner failed to do for x-men. right? right.