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found this in the latest issue of wired. this guy inserts superheroes and villains into historic photographs. very well done too. thats the hulk assisting some afghan resistance fighters in 1986 up there. only nine right now, but hopefully theres more coming. check it out.

Back In Town…


got back from the beach yesterday afternoon. boy, what a great vacation. very, very relaxing. good friends, good food, good weather. couldn’t have asked for more. i was also convinced that george perez was renting the beach house right behind us. the guy was a dead ringer. had the glasses, shaved head, fu manchu, and […]

I Watches…


finally got to see watchmen last night. i know, i know. i’ve totally lost some geek cred by not seeing this in the theater (and just now by using the term ‘geek cred’). i saw the black freighter animated piece and ‘under the hood’ last weekend. not bad. i’ll be interested to see the directors […]

came across this great blog. it covers all realms of geekdom. this list of faq’s about the new transformers movie is especially funny. go get your dork on.

went to heroes this past weekend. not a bad show i guess. got a couple signatures from eric powell. he does a little mini sketch of the goon as part of his signature. pretty sweet. jeff smith was there too. didn’t bother getting in that line. besides, i didn’t really have anything good for him […]

joey sent me this. thought it was pretty damn funny, although rorschach face doesn’t quite do it. this one’s more on point. haven’t seen the movie yet. gonna wait till the rush dies down a bit. i like to enjoy my geekiness in peace, not with the typical speed bumps of society that don’t get […]

so apparently todd mcfarlane has a new title coming out: looks like a cross between spider-man and spawn. uh, nice job todd.



i am continually amazed at everything i see for the upcoming watchmen movie, and these poster comparisons are no exception.  its amazing how faithful snyder is being to the source material.  tho i guess i shouldn’t be surprised, given the amazing job he did on 300.  can’t wait for this one.

Dark Knight…


saw this this past weekend.  thought it was really cool.  maybe not quite as good as the first one, but wicked nonetheless.  heath ledger’s joker was f’ing AMAZING.  this who the joker is supposed to be.  a mass-murdering psychopath, not some ridiculous clown.  total suspension of disbelief.  the story got a bit complicated at times, […]