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now go stuff yourselves.

weather has been beautiful. couple more days before we head home…

prepping to leave for dewey beach again in the next few days, that great cultural center in southern delaware. *sigh* its actually a pretty nice place this time of year. the beach is really nice, and its off-season so there are no real crowds. *sigh* its just a long way to drive to sell dog […]

had my panties in a wad the past couple days. no idea why either, which only makes it worse. work is great, low stress at the moment. happy with what i’m working on, and hopefully got some cool shit coming up, too. home is good, finally getting some work done we’ve been needing to get […]

one of the more significant chapters in my life has finally come to a close. i just sold my first car. well, it wasn’t really my first car. my first car was actually my grandparents old chrysler i got when they died. but technically my dad held the title to it, so really it wasn’t […]

Busy Weekend…


crazy. five years now. hard to believe. to commemorate this momentous occasion, we rented a tiny little cabin on lake lure in north carolina. beautiful place. so quiet and peaceful. the entire front of the cabin was a screened in porch. spent most of our time here, reading, grilling, eating, or in the hot tub. […]

Happy 66 Dad…


i love you.

to all you mothers, and muthas, out there.

got back from the bustling southern metropolis of conyers, ga yesterday. katie had an event down there, just a one day thing. weather was beautiful despite being windy as hell. supposedly we had gusts up to around 35 mph. it was all we could do to keep everything from blowing away. it was a really […]