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its essentially a portable super nintendo, that you can also hook into your tv and attach your SNES controllers to. sweet zombie jebus. not discounting the joy that is wii bowling, nor the awesomeness that was mario cart 64 and golden eye, but the super nintendo was, in my opinion, the best system nintendo ever […]

just read this article on apple insider. quite upsetting to me, though i can’t say i’m surprised. funny thing is that my buddy stephen called this a couple years ago. i started out as a hardcore pc user, resisting the design world’s propensity towards the mac for years. even though studios i worked for had […]

in case any of you needed any ideas of what to get me for christmas, look no further. heck, i’d even be willing to combine christmas with my birthday for this one.

yeah, i know i’m almost a week late here, but i’ve been in delaware, so fuck off. anyway, regardless of of your feelings towards jobs or apple in general, theres no denying the impact he and his company have had on technology and how we interact with it and each other through it. i’m not […]

i got an iphone. ordered it this morning. been wanting one for awhile, but had no desire to switch cell phone carriers (verizon seems to suck the least), and i’m not a real gadget nerd anyway. i don’t have to have the latest and greatest. but my current cell phone is gradually becoming a piece […]