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i have to wonder about stuff like this. this is jurassic park folks. star wars it ain’t. are there really fans out there that are that into this film series that they would actually want to spring for this set, just to get the statue? and a certificate of authenticity? for what, precisely? are there […]

finished reading dune a few weeks ago. i’ve waited to post anything because i wanted to watch the david lynch movie, as well as the sci-fi miniseries from a few years ago, just to compare. so here are my thoughts. the book: not a fan. sorry. i know thats heresy to some of you, as […]

ok, the song is shit, but you gotta check out the video. leonard nimoy kicks ass. via topless robot.

*sigh.* i’d really just like to take it easy and paint some today, but its just not possible. i’ll probably get to do some, just not as much as i’d like. so much to do. lots of little stuff. i did get this guy done last night though: so at least theres that.



little did i know that suwanee, georgia was home to the hall of justice. oh, and sister hazel sucks.

i know that at least some of you that read this utter waste of internet space read comics. most of you that do know that i do as well, and that i typically – ok, never – get into the traditional superhero stuff. just not my thing. yeah, i read the occasional batman trade or […]

i got an iphone. ordered it this morning. been wanting one for awhile, but had no desire to switch cell phone carriers (verizon seems to suck the least), and i’m not a real gadget nerd anyway. i don’t have to have the latest and greatest. but my current cell phone is gradually becoming a piece […]

we nerds fear change. you see, we live in very fragile little worlds where the nuances of minutia are discussed and debated with unrivaled and inconceivable passion and fervor that could be easily qualified as religious. who shot first; kirk or picard; focus vs fury; g1 vs beast wars. our knowledge of and devotion to […]

finally got a chance to watch the five part premiere yesterday. i must say i rather enjoyed it. i was really excited when i heard that both peter cullen and frank welker would be reprising the roles that they defined and subsequently defined most of my childhood. i did start to get a bit skeptical […]

aaron sent this to me today and i had to post it. “Gettin’ Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen” completely dorky and only funny to a select few. sadly, i am one of those few.