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ok, need to rant for a second here. nothing major, just more of a ‘what the hell’ kinda thing. so i spent all day sunday making a rack to hold katie’s commercial thread spools: nice. ok, so i’m cutting the dowel rods to make all the pegs, and they’re all individually labeled. i realize that […]

At Long Last…


if any of you wondered how i spent my weekend, here you go: yessir. that there is a spanking new door to our crawl space. the old one looked like something from a horror movie. so, uh, there you go. oh, i also watched the new conan movie, which was a complete turd. give me […]

Pro Tip No.1:


a shop vac can be used as a leaf blower in a pinch. just not inside.

just got this installed friday. we wouldn’t have done it yet except that we broke the glass in the old one by mistake while moving out an old sofa, and it would have needed to be replaced eventually. painted the trim and installed the new doorbell yesterday so the guy can come back and install […]

spent most of the day today putting up new shutters on the house. tough work. drilling into masonry is no joke. went through two bits doing three windows, and i still have at least two more windows to go. i also think i have a case of shingles on my neck. which sucks.

Busy Weekend…


after many long hours of labor in 90+ degree heat, we have finally finished the paths in our back yard. this is probably the toughest home improvement project we’ve done ourselves, at least in terms of pure effort. the funny thing is, we originally weren’t going to do stone at all, just pavers or something. […]

*sigh.* i’d really just like to take it easy and paint some today, but its just not possible. i’ll probably get to do some, just not as much as i’d like. so much to do. lots of little stuff. i did get this guy done last night though: so at least theres that.



worked in yard all day. tired. sore. sleep now.

so i woke up thursday morning to sound of someone politely beating on our front door. low and behold, it was none other than greenville’s finest. they merely wanted to let me know that my 1996 honda accord, which was parked in front of our house, had been shot. you read that correctly. shot. 4 […]