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Puppy Snacks…


for the uninitiated, there are few better forms of cheap entertainment than watching a dog try and lick peanut butter off the roof of its mouth. oh, and here’s coen enjoying some watermelon. funny thing is that edie is the smart one, but she couldn’t figure out how to eat the melon off the rind.




this is pretty awesome… and so true.

yeah, its a day late, but there was a little thing called christmas this week so fuck off. this weeks entry comes to you from the late 80s, and its not one i regularly watched. its sorta he-man in space, which they actually did do, interestingly enough. anyhow, here’s bravestarr, from the planet new texas. […]

i have a few questions here. granted, its generally not a good idea to question the premise of any ’80s cartoon, but i feel compelled to ask anyway: 1. what were those scientists planning on zapping before that kid drove his car off the road? 2. where exactly are those two people and the dog […]

two weeks in a row! woohoo! without further fanfare, i present: Pole Position! for some inexplicable reason, i find myself wanting to fully recreate this intro with live talent and super high-end 3d. i think my favorite part is the very beginning that sets up the premise for the entire show: “From now on, like […]

like the title suggests, i’m gonna try and post one of these every week. i realize that because its me, i should be starting with the transformers. but for some reason i woke up with this one stuck in my head, and its what gave me the idea. so i give you: DINOSAUCERS! hopefully i […]

Tell Me…


that this doesn’t make you laugh and fuck with your head at the same time.

never thought i’d be posting about hemorrhoids, at least not for a few years anyway. regardless, there’s no denying the utter brillance and simplicity of this. that, and its funny as hell.

their other videos are worth checking out as well. the rube goldberg machine is particularly impressive.