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spent a good bit of the day getting the house decorated for christmas. we try not to do it before the first of december, and absolutely refuse to do it before thanksgiving, just on principal. everything’s done, save the stuff outside, which isn’t much. just some wreaths on the windows and front door. no lights […]

so not only is it thanksgiving, today also marks the one year anniversary of my employment freedom. that’s right. one year ago today i was let go from my full time and started on my new venture with joey and lisa. well, joey anyway. lisa didn’t show up till later (sorta like usual, hehehe). we […]

now go stuff yourselves.

make for a relaxing, if completely unhealthy, friday evening.

weather has been beautiful. couple more days before we head home…

What The…


what the fuck happened to september?!?

had my panties in a wad the past couple days. no idea why either, which only makes it worse. work is great, low stress at the moment. happy with what i’m working on, and hopefully got some cool shit coming up, too. home is good, finally getting some work done we’ve been needing to get […]

i feel compelled to post something today, due to it being the tenth anniversary and everything. but i honestly don’t know what to say. at some point it begins to lose its impact. every year, most of us sit around and ask each other, ‘where were you’. or maybe we’re listening to the reciting of […]

one of the more significant chapters in my life has finally come to a close. i just sold my first car. well, it wasn’t really my first car. my first car was actually my grandparents old chrysler i got when they died. but technically my dad held the title to it, so really it wasn’t […]

i am sincere when i say i am writing this with tears in my eyes. THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE ARE FINALLY FREE. i’m not going to go into who they are here for those of you that don’t know. watch the movies. read the books. do the research. thats all i have to say.