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What The…


what the fuck happened to september?!?

prepping to leave for dewey beach again in the next few days, that great cultural center in southern delaware. *sigh* its actually a pretty nice place this time of year. the beach is really nice, and its off-season so there are no real crowds. *sigh* its just a long way to drive to sell dog […]

Day Off…


sorta taking the day off today. katie has an event this weekend, and my folks are coming down tomorrow, so i have a bunch of stuff that needs doing. plus, i really need the mental break, even though its just for the day.

one of the more significant chapters in my life has finally come to a close. i just sold my first car. well, it wasn’t really my first car. my first car was actually my grandparents old chrysler i got when they died. but technically my dad held the title to it, so really it wasn’t […]

i am sincere when i say i am writing this with tears in my eyes. THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE ARE FINALLY FREE. i’m not going to go into who they are here for those of you that don’t know. watch the movies. read the books. do the research. thats all i have to say.

Happy 4th…


a very sincere and humble thanks to all the men and women who have made and continue to make this day possible.

so here’s one more.

myrtle beach in the mountains. at least the dogs didn’t od this year.

than paying good money for a something that is a complete piece of monkey shit.