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At Long Last…


if any of you wondered how i spent my weekend, here you go: yessir. that there is a spanking new door to our crawl space. the old one looked like something from a horror movie. so, uh, there you go. oh, i also watched the new conan movie, which was a complete turd. give me […]

far out. now if i could just come up with the 2.3 million they’re asking. via uncrate. Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog EDIT: sorry the embed isn’t working. its not porn or anything. its the trailer for the batman: year one animated movie. the link goes directly to the movie.



i have to wonder about stuff like this. this is jurassic park folks. star wars it ain’t. are there really fans out there that are that into this film series that they would actually want to spring for this set, just to get the statue? and a certificate of authenticity? for what, precisely? are there […]

finished reading dune a few weeks ago. i’ve waited to post anything because i wanted to watch the david lynch movie, as well as the sci-fi miniseries from a few years ago, just to compare. so here are my thoughts. the book: not a fan. sorry. i know thats heresy to some of you, as […]



this is some wicked cool shit. this guy takes every frame of a movie and compresses them all down to a single image (thats pan’s labyrinth up there). it gets even more interesting when you start seeing how certain films have a very defined color palette that you may not have realized while viewing like […]

The Goon…


this is inexplicably awesome. i cannot wait to hear paul giamatti scream ‘KNIFE TO THE EYE!!‘