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District 9…


watched this last night, and holy shit. this is is one of the most intense movies i have ever seen. i don’t wanna say much about it in case any of you who actually read this thing haven’t seen it, but if you haven’t… GO RENT/BUY/ADD IT TO YOUR QUE NOW. absolutely amazing film, from […]

i try not to use too much foul language in my posts, but this one deserves it. just so you know. oh, and there are spoilers ahead for those who haven’t this steaming pile yet. finally got around to watching the last indiana jones movie. or at least i hope it’ll be the last if […]

saw this on topless robot and thought it was pretty funny. still enjoyed the movie, despite the massive plot holes (some of which are eloquently pointed out in this video) and certain charactes not being used to their full potential. anyway, enjoy.

I Watches…


finally got to see watchmen last night. i know, i know. i’ve totally lost some geek cred by not seeing this in the theater (and just now by using the term ‘geek cred’). i saw the black freighter animated piece and ‘under the hood’ last weekend. not bad. i’ll be interested to see the directors […]

came across this great blog. it covers all realms of geekdom. this list of faq’s about the new transformers movie is especially funny. go get your dork on.

just saw revenge of the fallen. holy f’ing shit. it. was. awesome. i loved the first one, but this is what a live-action transfomer movie is supposed to be: optimus prime kicking ass! he hands out some serious beatings. he’s finally the badass he should be that was sorta missed in the first movie. starscream […]



uh, not sure what to make of this. don’t get me wrong. i’m as big a transformer geek as anyone, but i gotta draw the line somewhere. now, the original version of ‘the touch’ wasn’t very good either: i don’t think there was an actual real-life instrument played throughout the entire song. but if you […]



if you liked the link below, check out one of my favorite stop motion artists. unbelievably creative. he’s done some great commercial work, but his shorts are where its at. i was fortunate enough to be able to attend a live on-stage interview (james lipton-style) in savannah last year. fun stuff.



i am continually amazed at everything i see for the upcoming watchmen movie, and these poster comparisons are no exception.  its amazing how faithful snyder is being to the source material.  tho i guess i shouldn’t be surprised, given the amazing job he did on 300.  can’t wait for this one.

Dark Knight…


saw this this past weekend.  thought it was really cool.  maybe not quite as good as the first one, but wicked nonetheless.  heath ledger’s joker was f’ing AMAZING.  this who the joker is supposed to be.  a mass-murdering psychopath, not some ridiculous clown.  total suspension of disbelief.  the story got a bit complicated at times, […]