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uh, not sure what to make of this. don’t get me wrong. i’m as big a transformer geek as anyone, but i gotta draw the line somewhere. now, the original version of ‘the touch’ wasn’t very good either: i don’t think there was an actual real-life instrument played throughout the entire song. but if you […]

check out this awesome music video for oren lavie. love stop motion stuff. i did some when i was in high school. its one of the most time consuming and tedious things on the face of the earth, but its absolutely fantastic when done well, as this is.

turns out the avett brothers will be opening up for dave matthews for eight dates during dave’s spring tour. freakin’ awesome. i’ve got to try and get to one of the shows. too bad verizon wireless amphitheater sucks balls. maybe georgia…

as many of you know (and if you don’t you should), metallica finally has a new studio album coming out in about a week.  for those of you like myself who can’t wait that long, my buddy travis pointed out that they have a 6 song preview on their website. so stop whatever mindless, pointless, […]

i’m still coming to terms with this.  i feel so strange.  i’ve never been so affected by the death of someone i’ve never met.  feel kinda silly in a way, grieving over a complete stranger’s passing.  its not so surprising tho i guess.  music speaks to all of us.  it defines us, shapes us.  its […]


i don’t know what to say. maybe i’ll be able to write something else later, but right now i just can’t.

so metallica finally has a new studio album coming out september 12th.  now i’m as geeked out as the next metalhead, but i’ve gotta say, the title leaves a little something to be desired.  the artwork is cool enough.  ah hell, who really gives a rat’s ass as long as it kicks ass, which we […]

just found out that the avett brothers have signed a deal with rick rubin to record their next album.  for those of you that don’t know (cause i didn’t), rick rubin has produced everything from beastie boys to metallica. this is huge for the boys from concord. they put on one hell of a show […]