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yeah, i know its my wedding anniversary and all that, but i’ve got bigger news: FRANK WELKER HAS JOINED THE CAST OF TRANSFORMERS: PRIME!!!!!!!!!!! sweet evil flying jebus. there are now two less reasons for me to be concerned about the nature of the new show. hell, the robot designs could look like robo mutant […]

so we all know that hasbro has a joint venture with discovery networks called the hub, due to hit the airwaves this october. many of us also know that there is a new transformers cartoon set to air on the hub called transformers:prime. some of may have even seen the image of bumblebee that will […]

this is probably the best use of facebook ever. the best part is the guy reached his goal in only 13 days. had i known, i might have even signed up for an account just to friend this dude. maybe. thanks to stephen for sending me this.

there are no words. just watch. via topless robot.

saw this on topless robot and thought it was pretty funny. still enjoyed the movie, despite the massive plot holes (some of which are eloquently pointed out in this video) and certain charactes not being used to their full potential. anyway, enjoy.

came across this great blog. it covers all realms of geekdom. this list of faq’s about the new transformers movie is especially funny. go get your dork on.

just saw revenge of the fallen. holy f’ing shit. it. was. awesome. i loved the first one, but this is what a live-action transfomer movie is supposed to be: optimus prime kicking ass! he hands out some serious beatings. he’s finally the badass he should be that was sorta missed in the first movie. starscream […]

joey sent me this. thought it was pretty damn funny, although rorschach face doesn’t quite do it. this one’s more on point. haven’t seen the movie yet. gonna wait till the rush dies down a bit. i like to enjoy my geekiness in peace, not with the typical speed bumps of society that don’t get […]

i just watched the season finale on youtube. i f’ing love this cartoon.  its about time we got a well-written transformers cartoon, after years of crappy japanese dubbed series that make absolutely no sense (the new stuff is written in the US).  good stories, loaded with G1 references and easter eggs for the older fans.  […]