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played in another warmachine tournament this past saturday. had a pretty good time. did better than the last one i played in, in that i actually won a round! plus, i won the award for the best painted army, which was a $46 gift certificate to the store. so thats pretty awesome… -ly dorky.

Busy Weekend…


*sigh.* i’d really just like to take it easy and paint some today, but its just not possible. i’ll probably get to do some, just not as much as i’d like. so much to do. lots of little stuff. i did get this guy done last night though: so at least theres that.

we nerds fear change. you see, we live in very fragile little worlds where the nuances of minutia are discussed and debated with unrivaled and inconceivable passion and fervor that could be easily qualified as religious. who shot first; kirk or picard; focus vs fury; g1 vs beast wars. our knowledge of and devotion to […]

i mean all the way through. like through to the backside of your fingernail. i don’t recommend it.

yesterday i did the dorkiest thing i’ve done since i’ve been here. i went to a gaming store. thats right. i made a post on the privateer press forums on where to find a game store in milan. got a response, so i decided to go check one out. turns out it was within walking […]

so, i’m a dork, and i do dorky things, like read comics, collect transformers, and play tabletop war games with little painted pewter dudes. in this case, its the later to which i’m referring. privateer press, the company that created said little pewter dude tabletop war game called warmachine, has a bi-monthly publication called no […]