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joey: 6 me: 4 can’t win 2 in a row to save my life. ah well. pretty good game nonetheless. strategy was pretty sound, despite a couple tactical errors (bound to happen till i get comfortable with the new pieces). but, without good dice rolls, you can’t win it. gotta get some painting done too. […]

joey: 5 me: 4 new pieces made it interesting, especially the new caster. thought i was done for, then ‘ole vlad stepped in. i probably still should’ve lost, given the beat down i received, but i’ll take it.

joey: 5 me: 3 played my best game yet last night, despite the loss. ironclad went down in one turn.

joey: 4 me: 3 that is all…

joey: 4 (2 consecutive) me: 2 that is all…

joey: 3 me: 2 that is all.

apparently my geekiness knows no bounds.  i’ve started playing this miniatures game called warmachine.  its pretty fun, the rules are really good, and the game doesn’t require a big financial commitment to start playing like similar style games. aside from the game tho, the pieces are really cool.  they’ve got this whole steampunk aesthetic that […]