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New Work…


its been awhile since i’ve posted anything about work, so i thought i’d share these. they’re spots for the greenville children’s hospital. i had a TON of fun doing these, and the client was great to work with. they pretty much just defaulted to our creative judgement, and really trusted our decisions. it was really […]

Busy Weekend…


more new stuff at photoelectric. fun stuff. thanks to perception for the opportunity.



just posted some more new work over at photoelectric. cool project to work on, and it was directly for the network itself, rather than through another design shop or production company. unfortunately, we had a completed graphics package, done and delivered, when they decided to change concepts. with no extra budget. ah, well. what are […]

just posted some designs we did for the audience network rebrand for directv. our work didn’t get chosen, but getting to work on a network redesign can be a lot of fun. check ’em out.

Gee Zuss…


what a day yesterday. outside on a shoot all day; directed traffic because apparently when people see orange cones they suddenly lose the ability to make decisions; dealing with permit issues because of petty nosy rich spoiled neighbors who have nothing better to do than call the city and complain because once very small part […]

thought those of you in the creative field might enjoy this. 2011/03 Mike Monteiro | F*ck You. Pay Me. from SanFrancisco/CreativeMornings on Vimeo. some good solid info in there. well worth your time.

Working Hard…


on a shoot all day today. our real work starts tomorrow.

i know i’ve been hinting at it for several weeks in various posts, but i wanted to wait until things were a bit more presentable. so without further ado, i give you…   we’ve have the name for a few months, but the company only became official at the first of the year, and we’ve […]

angelsign studio, the place i worked while i was italy, has been featured on motionographer. for those that don’t know, which is probably most of you, motionographer is a blog dedicated to all things motion design, and is one of the premier sites on the web for the industry. big props to those guys for […]