i know, i know. there’s a month for every damn thing these days. still, this is a great little video. the music really sums it up:

now if you’ll excuse me, i’ve got something in my eye…

i am pleased to announce that we have launched our new site! we finally have a proper site, designed and programmed by none other than andrew ramos and kevin smith (no, not that one).

tons of new work, and a really great design. we’re really excited!

go check it out!

EDIT: apparently there are some issues if you’re on a pc. its being looked into.

just down the street from our house, theres a fairly small, but very nice city park. baseball field where we can take the dogs to go run. 9-hole frisbee golf course that i don’t take enough advantage of. nice little place.

over the past several weeks, the city has been rebuilding the public restrooms there (and a few other parks as it turns out). the old ones were pretty shitty, and more than a bit sketchy, so this is a good thing. right?

here are a few pictures:




yes, those are real working wooden shutters, real shutter dogs, copper roof on the little steeple with a real working copper weather vane, and real friggin copper gutters and downspouts.

copper friggin gutters. copper friggin weather vane.

on a public restroom.

at a tiny neighborhood park.




this is where my tax dollars are being spent? copper gutters on a public restroom? whats wrong with aluminum ones? they’re good enough for my house, and i’m only a block away. and given what copper is selling for these days, not to mention the countless cases nationwide of copper theft, how long do they really think those are gonna last? i’m not saying they shoulda just dropped off a couple portajons and called it a day. i like the fact that our city invests time and effort into beautification projects, even at tiny neighborhood parks outside of downtown.

but copper gutters?

should i be pissed?

i think i’m pretty pissed.

Hmm. Holy brains...



i’ve avoided posting about this for awhile, because i haven’t handled it well. one of my very good friend’s dad died a few weeks ago. had a heart attack behind the wheel. while driving himself to the hospital.


the reason this has been so hard for me is that not only did i know danny’s dad, he meant a lot to me. as you go through life, there are people that you meet who have an impact on you, that leave a lasting impression. danny’s dad was one of those people for me. its really hard to explain why, because i don’t fully understand it myself. suffice it to say, i’ve never met anyone like him in my life, before or since.

rest in peace bert. i know you are.

got another one for you this week courtesy of travis turner:

i honestly do not remember this one at all, but it given that lovecraftian-crab-vagina monster, it looks about as utterly insane as it gets.



i’m posting this for several reasons, the first of which it that there are robotic greyhounds in it. secondly, the design of said robohounds is completely badass. thirdly, the entire video is completely badass. the level of production is insane, and i’m a sucker for glowy techy computery shit tracked into live action.

enjoy, and feel free to listen with the music off. kinda sucks anyway.

thanks to rose for sending this to me.


yes, thats my forearm, and no, thats not magic marker.

i have a tattoo.

yes, you read that correctly. been thinking about this for quite some time. the numbers are coen’s and edie’s ear tattoos. i’ve always felt that a tattoo should be very personally significant. a greyhound’s ear tattoo is something unique to the breed, as well as unique to each individual dog. puppies are tattooed around the 2 and a half to three month old mark, and it functions very much like a social security number. its how you find out information about the dog, like its racing name, where it was born, when it was born, where it raced and how it performed. for example, that first number is coen’s, and starts with ’45A’. that means he was born in april (4) of 2005 (5) and was the first dog from his litter that got tattooed (A). kinda cool.

i wanted to be able to always see it, too. thats why i went for the forearm. not worried abut it being so visible. if i ever need to cover it up, i can just put on a long sleeve. i also wanted to leave rom for future pups.

not that coen and edie are going anywhere…

this blog seems to turning into nothing more than a repository for bat-shit crazy cartoon intros. need to up the level of content or i’m gonna lose both my readers.

so we all know they’d make a cartoon about damn near anything in the 80s, but in case you needed more substantial proof, i give you hulk hogan’s rock’n wrestling:

that car kicks ass. it also leaves no doubt that the hulkster was pimping out wendi richter.

if you don’t get goosebumps watching this, you’re not a child of the 80s and are therefore useless:

via topless robot.