The Daily Grind…


since my last several posts have shown the places and things i’ve seen on the weekends, i thought i’d use this one to show where i spend most of the rest of the week, angelsign studio.

Blend Tower, Piazza 4 Novembre, 7 20125 Milano, Italy

this is blend tower. the studio is on the 6th floor. the building is fairly newly renovated, although there are still some issues. the internet craps out occasionally, and the ac was actually out almost all day today. it was actually cooler outside. its a nice building tho, very modern and minimal, with a nice little cafe on the top floor.

Danilo and Alessandro's desks

Freelancer workstations

couple shots of the main room. the owners sit in here along a couple of the other guys. the desks and cabinets are all provided. very simple and clean.

My room

this is my room, which i share with aaron, an awesomely talented animator from la. the rooms are all modular. if you need to expand your space, they just remove a soundproof panel of frosted glass and you’ve got access to the next office. the studio occupies two of these rooms in addition to the main room.

My desk

my desk, with my 40¢ espresso from the machine down the hall.

Milano Centrale

finally, here’s a shot looking down on the piazza from the front windows in the main room. thats central station in the background. its massive. i take the subway from there to get home at night. need to get some photos of it.

so there you go. thats where i spend most of my day.

aren’t you glad you tuned in today?

3 Responses to “The Daily Grind…”

  1. 1 lisa

    Yes, I am!
    I’m so jealous!!! Hope you’re having a great time!!

  2. 2 Unarra

    I’m glad you are keeping us updated.

  3. 3 Jenn

    40 cent espresso … ARGH …

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