as a professional creative, i often find myself looking to fellow motion designers for ideas and inspiration. you never know what might spark something: a color palette, a particular font or animation technique. could be anything. however, i’m always careful to maintain a substantial distance from whatever it is i’m drawing from. it’s called having integrity.

sadly there are “creatives” who do not share these values. see for yourself:


the top image is from andrew serkin, a russia-based motion designer, and its obviously the original. its a beautiful design, and an amazing animation piece. the bottom image, is a screen grab from the motion reel of a post company who shall remain nameless. not only did they rip-off the color palette, textures, fonts and composition, they even went so far as to use the EXACT SAME numbers on the inner walls of the large number. pretty crazy. its one thing to copy something to figure out how it was done, or for practice or experimentation for yourself. but by putting it on your reel, you’re implying it’s an orignal piece.

if i didn’t know who was responsible for the theft, i’d probably be more pissed than i am. as it stands, i actually find it kinda funny and more than a little pathetic.

after many months of work and countless pots of coffee, i’m pleased to share the biggest project we’ve done at photoelectric to date:

this marks the third iteration of this project that i have worked on, and the first (hopefully of many) not under anyone else’s banner.

you can check out the original design, as well as the ones that didn’t make it here.

enjoy folks!

new year, new work, check it out.

not for me, but for my good friend danny. he’s just launched a new website featuring his illustration work as well as his latest comic book submission, the radio god. great stuff. hes talented, this guy. it was cool to see this stuff again, too.

go check it out.

remember the post right below this one about the dog bed and how petco had priced the bed $30 cheaper on their own website than in their store? remember how strange and idiotic that seems? like how it seems they’re undercutting their own brick and mortar store? right? remember?

it just happened again.

this time, at northern tool and equipment. different product, same exact scenario, except this time i checked the price of the item in the parking lot on my phone. $20 cheaper online than in the store. i walked right back in and showed the cashier and she gave me a refund no problem.

what the fuck is going here, and why does it make me so upset? should i be bothered or just quit bitching? some one please tell me.

on a separate note, i don’t thing i’ve ever encountered anything in my life that makes me feel as stupid as ratchet straps.

so i was at petco yesterday buying a bed for coen to take to the studio. poor guy’s been using a yoga mat, although he doesn’t seem to mind. hell, he lays on the hardwood floors at the house most of the time. anyway, i find a bed i like. its a bit more than i think its worth, but i haven’t found a better option without spending a fortune, which i don’t wanna do since it won’t even get used every day. i get home and look it up online to show katie, and find that it costs $30 less. on petco’s own website. with free shipping.

this make no sense.

so i go back to the store this morning with a print out from the site showing the price difference and they refund me the $30 no problem. the manager tells me that this happens quite a bit. many items will show up for less on the petco website than they do in the store.

this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

i’m not the least bit surprised i found the bed for less online. but i didn’t find it on amazon, or some huge online discount pet warehouse that can afford lower prices since they don’t have the overhead of a chain of brick and mortar stores. it was on petco’s own site. not a sale, not a special promotion, not a web exclusive.

can someone explain this to me? petco is undercutting its own stores? am i missing something? what’s the logic here?

when i get back from taking a dump, i expect answers people.

we’re also on a diet. its a 30 day cleansing thing. no dairy, wheat, grains, beans, sugars of any kind (except what occurs naturally in fruit), no alcohol (!). basically nothing but meat, except for bacon (!!), eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

we’re on day 6.

24 more to go.

its not been too bad, save for the massive hangover-like experience i had thursday night. detoxing i guess. whatever it was it was awful. worse than a real hangover. whats really disturbing about the whole experience is the realization that sugar is in EVERYTHING. like bread. really? bread? or bouillon cubes. its truly amazing, and very difficult to find foods without some form of sugar added.

anyway, i intend to see this through. hopefully i’ll lose some weight in the process. i do think, however, that i’ve discovered the most difficult part of dieting: manual labor. i cut the grass last night, which is no small task in our yard, and i don’t think i’ve ever wanted beer and pizza more in my life.