Sorry Folks…


been a bit lax i know. i’ve got some photos from my one day light speed tour of rome from a few weeks ago i need to post. hopefully i’ll have that done in the next couple of days.

took a trip up to parco sempione this evening, the large park behind the castle, to go up in the torre branca. its the second highest point in milan and it offers quite a view, although no doubt its better during the day. still, we could pick out a few landmarks, and it was cool seeing the city at night from that vantage point. sorry, no photos. my camera sucks in low light. probably will go back during the day at some point to get some photos.

after that we wandered through the park, following the sound of music to a 50’s style blues/jazz/rock & roll concert that was going on. there were greasers around and the stand up bass had flames painted on it.



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